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Ahoy Beebros.

Welcome to

My name is Joel Frieders, and along with a few hundred thousand honeybees, we make up the Aurora Bee Company.

We don’t have hundreds of hives. We don’t offer semi-trailer pulled pollination services. We don’t sell wholesale.

We’re one young, energetic, blooming beekeeper and a boatload of bees located in Aurora, IL, USA. We only sell what honey we’ve extracted and bottled and labeled ourselves. We aren’t commercial beekeepers. We are extremely reverent with our bees and are unable to hurry any bee along.

When we have honey available, we sell it.

When we’re out, we’re out until the next harvest is available. and are both meant to share our incredibly awesome bee pictures (check the hashtag #beesbro) and to share our obsession for beekeeping.

Get stung yo. #beesbro