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April 26th, 2017: After losing 10 out of 13 hives this winter, we have successfully installed 10 more hives to bring us back to lucky 13! If you haven’t already noticed, we do a LOT more updating on our Facebook page! Feel free to head over there if you’d like to see up to the minute updates on what we’re up to and what’s available for sale.

In the meantime, we are brushing up on our knowledge and application of protein and amino acid supplements after the Mettawa Bee Seminar in mid March and we’re shooting for 100% winter survival rate! YES, I KNOW IT’S APRIL, BUT ALL WE WANT TO DO IS HAVE EVERYONE JOIN US AGAIN IN 2018! We’re fired up for bees this year, so plant a seed, save a bee, and all that good warm Spring Summer Stuff!

August 5th, 2016: A few months ago I met a woman who works for Aveda at a speaking engagement I had, related to bees. She expressed interest in learning about the physical act of beekeeping, so I agreed to put her to work for a day and utilize the free labor she was offering.

Her name is Ro and she was a natural. She’s the type of person you could show how to do something and when you turn around to check on her she’s already devised a system to increase productivity tenfold. Sure, it’s annoying when someone who has never done what you’re showing her how to do just completely gathers it up and performs better than you ever have instantly, but you gotta hand it to her.

A few weeks after that, they invited me and my family out to Old Orchard Mall in Skokie, IL to attend their Pollinator Party. There I got to talk to customers about my own beekeeping operation, what I do to stand up for my winged friends, and then I got to shove samples of honey in their happy faces.

It was awesome.

Fast forward to today, and we collaborated on a blog post about protecting pollinators that was just released today!

Check out the article on the Living Aveda website:


July 27th, 2016: HOLY HONEY HARVEST!

I am proud to announce that after 6 years of beekeeping, I finally experienced a harvest that blew my expectations clear out of the water. That also means that we are in the honey!

We promise, the July 2016 Harvest is SO GOOOOOOD. And because we’re goofballs and love us some beats and the Biz, we named it BEEZ MARKIE… and the taste?

Well… It’s 75% of what you would imagine honey to taste like, but it wears a gold rope chain, teaches you the beat of the day, and inspires you to vibrate your lips like a motorboat. That other 25% is hip hop bro, beelee dat.

If you’re interested in purchasing this month’s harvest, click HERE to head over to the purchase page at The Compounder page.

June 5th, 2016: After suffering (mostly unexplained) detrimental losses to over 90% of my hives, I decided to stop “putting all my hives in one basket” and have spread out my dozen hives all over Aurora and the surrounding countryside. Where I once had two locations with twelve total hives both within a mile of each other, I now have FIVE locations spreading out about TWENTY miles from Aurora.

So yes, I’m hauling small stacks of equipment into locations where I have to carry extremely heavy boxes of bees and honey up to a quarter of a mile because there is no car access. But I’m certain my bees are thriving.

How am I certain?

Well, since installing 10 new packages on April 10th, I’ve seen nothing but amazing progress and hope for a beautiful harvest come late June.

I’ve posted a few dozen photos of the beauty on my Facebook page, so CLICK HERE AND TAKE A BEEK!

April 10th, 2016: Jeremy and I just installed #10 packages all around the Aurora area and even though it was snowing this week, we’re hopeful that this year’s hives will kick major rear!

August 12th, 2015: This late summer extraction is BANGIN! Have a taste of what we’re calling “SummAutumn” because of its similarity with our favorite honey of the year, FALL! If you love sweet summer honey, but have a thing for the fall harvest too, this is the perfect bottle of honey for you. Click the picture for ordering information.


June 23rd, 2015:
Our first harvest of 2015 has arrived! Extracted on 6/22/15, what we are calling “Early Summer Sass” is much more golden than in previous June harvests, but dang-0-dang, that boy gooooood.
We’ve also cut up our first ever Cut Comb Honey for sale. Click the pictures below for ordering information:

earlysummersass    cutcomb2015

May 6th, 2015:
So far 2015 is off to a decent start. After losing 5 hives over the winter, we’re back to our pre-winter hive numbers after installing a few new packages and making a few splits! We also just dropped a new BEEDEO! Watch our new-bee video below, and then remember to eat all of our honey when it’s available in mid-June.

On November 6th, 2014, Chef Amaury from Chef Amaury’s in Aurora bought ALL OF THE HONEY. So we are officially SOLD OUT FOR 2014!

sold out 2014

Well, on October 27th, 2014 we finally got our hands on an ACTUAL physical copy of “#beesbro: A Pictoral Traipse From Hobby to Obsession” and it’s gorgeous. We’re pretty jacked about having something we chatted about become a reality. If you’re interested in buying a copy for the back of your toilet or for your coffee table, click the #beesbro book pic-link below! We aren’t quite sure how many we will end up stocking at the pharmacy, but we have a few copies on hand if you’d like to fondle one!!


Latest Beedeos (BEE-VIDEOS, CMON!)